Deep into the darkened alleyway, the trio of policemen waited patiently in their car, each more apprehensive than the last, with their dark attire blending in with the night sky. They sat across from the shady building, which looked small compared to the ones surrounding it, focusing on the backdoor.

Being triplets, they looked identical, their matching uniforms only adding to their similarity, with their teamwork at a level only achievable by siblings. It was their big case, and the perpetrator would make their appearance at any second.

The world of law enforcement wasn’t as fast-paced and exciting as people thought it to be, with the most important parts also being the quietest. Each knowing exactly what to do, they waited in silence, their blue, deep-set eyes seeming like they could see through the door they were trained on. The men were sitting so still with mannerisms so similar that if one were to look at them, one would think they were seeing triple.

Suddenly, the quiet sound of a door opening breaks their focus, but the door they are watching remains closed. Confused by the noise, they glance at each other, coming to the same realization too late. Turning around in unison, they see the masked man who had entered their car releasing an unknown gas as they begin to lose consciousness. They had failed their mission.